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It is the fact that hormones such as testosterone secreted by the body take on the task they undertake in the body and act as if they are testosterone, stimulating the body. This warning is provided by the "Dianabol" molecules in Danabol. Dianabol stimulates the cells by contacting the cell receptors (receptors), and the cell that receives the dianabol stimulus encourages it to store more amino acids.
Amino acids are the small building blocks of the proteins we take with food, which are digested in the stomach and then mixed with the blood. The more these building block amino acids enter the cell, the more we benefit from the foods we eat.
Because as every athlete knows; No matter how hard a human being eats, no matter how much protein he takes, his body can only use a certain part of these proteins.
For example, an athlete weighing 100 kilograms needs 200 grams of protein per day. 100 grams of this is spent for vital activities, and only 15-20 grams of the remaining 100 grams of protein value can be stored in the muscles by the body.
At the end, the remaining 80 grams of protein load is burned during training, and most of it is thrown out in the form of amino acids with the urine and is wasted. Or it is converted into oil and stored.

Steroids, which come into play at this point, allow the body to swell and become clean quality tight-looking muscle clusters by penetrating all the residual protein that cannot be used by the body when taken with food.
Dianabol is one of the most loved and respected steroids in the steroid world. The athlete using Dianabol, the daily amount of muscle mass from 15-20 grams; It can increase it to 55-60 grams, thus making the body respond to the exercises it does not respond to by means of dianabol.
The cell receptors that Dianabol touches perceive Dianabol as a testosterone molecule, This is a way of deceiving the body. The muscle cells, which receive the muscle-retaining testosterone stimulation from Dianabol, pull the edible milk, meat and eggs into the cell like a pump machine. The withdrawn protein amino acids are combined in ribosomes and converted back into protein, and this converted protein is called muscle.
With the appropriate effective Dianabol cycles, intracellular protein synthesis can be increased in half. While many steroids are applied with simultaneous combinations, Dianabol provides strong muscle retention even when taken alone.

The point to be noted is; When using a powerful steroid like Danabol, it is necessary to keep the diet strong. Edible foods; brick, sand and cement, Danabol is like a builder. After taking this strong team of construction masters to the construction site, if a large amount of material is not placed in front of them, the danabol will be taken in vain, the construction process cannot take place, all the danabol molecules in the role of workers will be left to wander around the cells aimlessly. If, as it should be, 200 grams and even 300 grams of clean and high-quality protein is fed daily as it should be, enough body building materials are placed in front of Danabol, which in a short time like 1-2 months; It gives the person the intense muscle mass that will be gained in 7-8 months.
Danabol not only provides muscle, but also; It also provides great benefits for the early healing of open wounds, if any, in cases of illness, weakness, old age and weakness, for the body to resurrect and straighten in a short time, to feel youthful, to increase strength, and to strengthen the immune system. Because the building blocks of every cell in the body are proteins, and it is the hormone testosterone that piles the proteins into the cells.

USAGE: It can be used between 20-50mg daily. Instead of thinking about dosing as weight-related, you should think of it as profit and loss. 8 tablets you will take daily will not be more effective than 4 tablets, on the contrary, it will be harmful and will not change the result.